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Board Members 2019-2020

The board of the WOW Aruba organization is elected on an annual basis. Board Turnover will be in June, 2020.




Queen-Anne Bergen

Outgoing Positive Determined

Profession: Events & Marketing Manager at Elite Productions & Entertainment

Interests: Events, Politics & Networking

Hobbies: Beaching, Reading, Traveling, Spending time with Family, Friends & Raja (my dog)


Vice President

marylin feliciana

Detailed Bold Strong-Willed

Profession: Branding Specialist at the Aruba Tourism Authority

Interests: Personal & Professional Development, Creative Design, Event Planning & Networking

Hobbies: Family & Friends, Travel, My Dogs, Outdoor Activities, Beach & Fitness



cynthia van der weide

Reliable Sincere Tenacious

Profession: Master in Law Student at the University of Aruba

Interests: Advocacy, Networking, Personal & Professional Growth

Hobbies: Fitness, Reading, Coloring (regular and watercolor), Spending Time with Friends & Family




Melina Rangel

Dedicated Adventurous Team Player

Profession: Tax Consultant at Grand Thornton Aruba

Interests: Personal & Professional Development and Networking (socializing)

Hobbies: Travel, Fitness & Culinary Experiences



Laure Peñate

Genuine Creative Responsible

Profession: Sales & Marketing at Maggy’s Aruba

Interests: Personal & Professional Development, Entrepreneurship, Beauty and Environment

Hobbies: Travel, Fitness, Fishing & Reading

Clariene CroesClariene Croes

social activities

Clariëne Croes

Bossy Trustworthy Empathetic

Profession: Policy Advisor at the Department of Public Health of Aruba

Interests: Health, Sustainable Development, Carnival and Personal Development

Hobbies: Quality time with Family & Friends, My Dogs, Travel & Fitness







Shayna Harms

Strong-Willed • Friendly • Competitive

Profession: Commercial Manager at Romar Trading

Interests: Personal & Professional Development, Marketing and Branding

Hobbies: Everything that has to do with the Ocean

Social Media

Rocio Burgos

Dynamic • Vivacious • Creative

Profession: Meetings & Special Events Voyager at The Ritz-Carlton Aruba

Interests: Events Planning, Carnival, Personal & Professional Development, and Spiritual Growth

Hobbies: Fitness, Beach, Enjoy Local Gastronomy, Social Activities with Friends & Travel

Graphic Design

Zilha Bruin-Wever

Friendly • Creative • Observant

Profession: Director at MOSSA Aruba

Interests: Entrepreneurship, Financial Literacy, Eco-Consciousness and Creative Design

Hobbies: Travel, Foodie, Fashion, Beauty, Art, Family & Friends, Beach and Fitness