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founded in 2017, focusing on young, professional women willing to break their own barriers___ Learn More

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The Women empOwering Women (WOW) Organization

Established in 2017, WOW is a vibrant organization that caters to ambitious young professional women. With a firm commitment to self-growth, career advancement, and community engagement, our members strive to surpass their limits, conquer their fears and life’s obstacles, all while also having fun!

Meet Our Founding Members

Meet the six founding members who turned their vision into reality by establishing the Women Empowering Women organization in June 2017. These remarkable ladies recognized the need for personal and professional development in their lives and were determined to make a positive change. 

Through their collective efforts and unwavering commitment, they created a platform that empowers women and promotes their growth. Their visionary leadership continues to inspire countless women on their journey toward personal and professional success and fulfillment.


                Marylin Feliciana  I   Rocío Burgos  I  Melina Rangel  I  Queen-Anne Bergen  I  

                                          Laura Mansur-Peñate  I  Zilha Bruin-Wever


Our Purpose

The primary aim of the WOW organization is to empower every

member to:

        • Enhance and develop their personal, social, and professional skills
        • Cultivate meaningful professional and social connections
        • Engage in networking, continuous learning, and mutual support
        • Inspire, encourage, and foster personal growth
        • Celebrate diversity amongst members
        • Contribute & engage with the community by organizing diverse projects, events, and fundraising initiatives that support and empower girls and women


Support our organization today by making a donation! Your generous contribution is greatly encouraged and deeply appreciated. Every donation we receive directly contributes to our community empowerment projects, which are dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives of the less fortunate in our community. Join us in making a difference by donating today!


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